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In 2009, Congress enacted the Tobacco Control Act, which gave the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the authority to regulate cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. In 2016, the FDA issued the “Deeming Rule,” which expanded the agency’s regulatory authority to include cigars, pipes, and all other tobacco products. In doing so, the FDA took the same strict, onerous, and costly regulatory regime designed for “Big Tobacco” and the cigarette industry and applied it to premium cigars.

Because premium cigars are artisan, handcrafted products, the FDA’s one-size-fits-all approach seriously threatens the J.C. Newman’s Tampa cigar factory and the historic American premium cigar industry. The FDA is seeking public comment about whether premium cigars should be exempt from FDA regulation.

Help save Tampa’s last operating cigar factory and protect the premium cigar industry by writing to FDA Commissioner Gottlieb.

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